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About Darul Uloom Detroit

“Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Detroit was founded in 1998. From its inception, it has served as a cornerstone in revolutionizing the identity of the Muslims in the Metro Detroit area by providing sound Islamic Knowledge.”

The institution started off as a small house with a few teachers and students. With the grace of Allah (SWT) the institution is now a three-story, fifteen thousand square feet building with 11 teachers and over 80 students from all over the Detroit-Metropolitan area.

Our institution provides Alim Course Studies, an experienced Hifz Course, and a new organized Maktab Program for both male and female students. Additionally, we offer secular studies for grades K-12. Since opening, we have had 80 male students graduate as Huffaz and 1 female graduate as a Hafiza. Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Detroit also provides a weekly Student Development Program that prepares our students for public speaking, so they can share the knowledge of this Deen.

Academic Calendar

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