“Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Detroit was founded in 1998. From its inception it has served as a cornerstone in revolutionizing the identity of the Muslims in the Metro Detroit area by providing sound Islamic Knowledge.”

The institution started off as a small house with a few teachers and students. With the grace of Allah (SWT) the institution is now a three-story, fifteen thousand square feet building with 11 teachers and over 80 students from all over the Detroit-Metropolitan area.


Our institution provides Alim Course Studies, an experienced Hifz Course and a new organized Maktab Program for both male and female students. Additionally, we offer secular studies for grades K-12. Since opening, we have had 80 male students graduate as Huffaz and 1 female graduate as a Hafiza. Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Detroit also provides a weekly Student Development Program that prepares our students for public speaking, so they can share the knowledge of this Deen.


Our goal is to instill in each student the love and understanding of Allah (S.W.T.), His Prophet (S.A.W.), the Deen of Islam, and to develop a positive Muslim identity as well as commitment to religion, family, and community.